Dialectics of World

World of soul- the world of fire, ecstasy and longing,
World of sense- the world of gain that fraud and cunning blight.
Treasure of soul once won is never lost again,
Treasure gold, a shadow – wealth soon comes and soon flight.
You know your world is illuminated by radiance of star.
So delve into you soul and there seek your life’s buried tracks.

Hollowness of self

This hollowness makes me down

How far this emptiness will chase me?
Am i done with all?
Am i running also but why and from what?
Why the whole scenario seems so folded, perplexed, unnerved?
Why there is no impluse to do something positive?
Am i done?
Why it becomes so hard to find the meaning
Meaning of life and meaning of being alive
Why there is so much chaos?
Why the world within me is done and dusted?
Why there is no energy, and no absorbance of energy?
Why the voices of inner are so vague, unlistenable?
Why everything has become so unclear?
And why i am thinking just about these why’s
The answers also lies here but folded
Now how to unfold them ?
Alot is not done and alot has to be done
No, man, don’t strive!
You want the answers and you also know they lie somewhere within you.
You want the answers from the world outside but you are not finding them in the world inside of you.
Why because you are done with yourself.
So sit , think , find , go through , make it , do it, accept it and then end this unnerving attitude of yours.
You will then definitely find the answers.


Unburden yourself from the unchosen burdens

The sapience assurging in your mind,
And you want to set down your words,
Slate them on paper.
And want to tabulate them,
So that you could loosen yourself.
But how could it be done,
By mere setting them down meaninglessly.
Random ideas, erractic lines,
Hit or miss paras, scattered scripts,
Thats how inexplicit you and your words are,
But you chose your way,
To unfetter, unchain your own self:
From the anarch, and subversive attitude of the surroundings.
But will the bloc signals you green-light?
There would be schism you cognise,
Then how will you margin yourself
From the loftiness of that confederacy?

Love of sun and clouds

Spitting rays

Do you know , I like clouds
They always seemed to me crying,
Crying in love of sun,
They don’t want to stay away from sun
Or they cannot bear the separation.
Thats why they burst out.
Huhh, she looked at him.
Wanting him to second her,
“May be the sun also loves them,”
He said.
But how, she gasped.
“Maybe sun wants the clouds to stay away from it,
Because they would burn, steamed, if close.
So it let them away because sun also loves clouds.”
“Perhaps, you are right”, she grinned.
I never thought of sun’s perspective,
She said while looking gravely at the sky.